Absolute Control

Come to a Warm Home

Fujitsu engineering delivers all the heat you need just when you need it. You’ll be as warm as toast when it’s cold outside, even during a cold Wellington southerly. The reverse cycle uses the same engineering to cool and dehumidify your home environment in the summer.


Better than Ever Energy Savings

Fujitsu’s DC and Inverter technologies save more power than ever before. The savings are significant, with a COP of 4.66 for the ASTG09, you will get up to 4.66kW of heat for every 1kW of power you use. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it, but it’s true.

A Fresher, Healthier Home

Fujitsu’s advanced air purifying and deodorising filters absorb minute dust particles, invisible mould spores, pollen and other harmful micro organisims to give you a healthier home environment. Which is why Fujitsu is recommended by Asthma New Zealand.

Compact Hi-Wall Premier – LVCA Series

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